The Plastic Surgeon – Dr Pierre Nguyen

Dr. Pierre Nguyen is a plastic surgeon in Toulon (France). A graduate of National DESC Plastic Surgery and French College of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Nguyen is a graduate of European plastic-surgery EBOPRAS « European Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ».

He maintains a university teaching activity in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at ‟La Conception Hospital” in Marseilles, France.

He is also actively involved in facial reconstruction, facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and breast surgery.

Under the incentive of Prof. Magalon, Dr. Nguyen has already communicated his experience at prestigious international conferences of plastic surgery in the USA, Germany, Asia and the Middle East.


Surgeon specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, registered at the Council of the College of Physicians of Var (France) under the number 83/8722.

Former Chief of Clinic of the Plastic Surgery Department of Pr Magalon / Pr Casanova at La Conception University Hospital of  Marseilles.

Physician attached to the Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Unit at La Conception Hospital of Marseilles. Involved with Pr Bardot for consultation in «Rhinoplasty and Facial Reconstruction»

Scientific Publications
Dr. Pierre Nguyen has published articles in numerous international scientific journals, referenced on pubmed


DESC (French degree in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

European Diploma of Plastic Surgery EBOPRAS

French National College of Plastic Surgery

Inter University Diploma (IUD) for facial surgery

Inter University Diploma (IUD) for Microsurgery

University Diploma for legal compensation for injury

University Diploma for Hand Surgery

International Scientific Communications

International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery ISAPS

«Management of revision rhinoplasty with fat micro-injection » – Sept. 05, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland

European Congress of Plastic Surgery EURAPS

«Correction of sequelae of rhinoplasty by lipofilling» – May 25, 2012 in Munich, Germany

«Development of an innovative fat graft technique : the micro-injection. The use of adipose tissue as dermal filler» – June 03,2011 in Mykonos, Greece

«Arterialization of the venous system of the hand in management of critical hand ischemia»  June 03, 2011 in Mykonos, Greece

International Master Course on Skin Agning  IMCAS

«Treatment of hand scleroderma with stromal vascular fraction» – July 28, 2013 in Singapore

«Medical Rhinoplasty with micro filling» – July 27, 2013, in Singapore

«Use of innovative fat graft technique in facial rejuvenation» – July 28, 2013 in Singapore

«Lipofilling and ADSC» –  Feb 01, 2013 in Paris, France

French National Scientific Communications

French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery SOFCPRE

«Nasal Reconstruction by forehead flap, about 109 cases» Nov. 28, 2007, in Paris

«Total Upper Eyelid Reconstruction, about 14 cases» 2nd author, Nov. 28, 2007, in Paris

«Reconstruction of the mucosal layer in partial and total nasal reconstruction» June 21, 2008, in Montpellier

«Management of the chronic vascular hand by arterialization of the venous system » March 5, 2010, in Paris

«Action to be taken before breast prosthesis housing infection: State of the Nation 2010» 3ᴿᵈauthor, Nov. 24, in Paris

«Development of a grafting technique of adipose tissue: the micro injection » Nov. 23, 2010, in Paris

«Micro reinjection of autologous fat tissue » May 20, 2011, symposium video in Toulouse

« Occlusive syndrome after abdominoplasty. About one case in a patient who underwent gastric band bariatric surgery » SOFCPRE, Nov. 22, 2011, in Paris

« Micro transfer of adipose tissue» Nov. 22, 2011, SOFCPRE workshop, in Paris


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